Soft Tissue Release Course

This course is designed for those therapists who are already qualified in massage, or a similar discipline, yet are looking to increase their skill and knowledge of soft tissue techniques. It would also suit previously qualified Sports Massage therapists who are looking to refresh, or revise their existing knowledge of the technique. It is taught by James Barnett, owner of The Therapy Centre.

What is Soft Tissue Release?

Soft Tissue Release uses fascial 'locking' (a technique applied by the massage therapist) whilst moving a joint in a specific direction.  A 'passive' lock would involve the therapist applying the movement.  An 'active' lock is when the client controls the movement themselves.

What can Soft Tissue Release help with?

It can help to increase range of movement in a joint, as well as breaking down muscle tension that is not responding to other massage techniques.

Where is the course taught, how long is it and how much does it cost?

The course is an intensive day long course (9.30am-5pm), taught at the centre in small groups (no more than 6 people at a time).

The cost is £100 per person.

Who can attend the course?

Anyone qualified to level 3 massage, sports massage or a similar soft tissue therapy can attend. It would also be a useful revision for anyone with a level 4 or 5 Sports Massage diploma. If you're not sure you're at the right level and would like to talk to us, please call on 01722 340364 and we'll happily chat to you about it.

When is the next course and how do I book?

The next course is yet to be confimed, once we have a minimum of 4 people we will run the course. If you'd like to reserve a space, please call, or email us and we can take your details.