Hot Stone Massage course

Using special iron-rich basalt volcanic stones the client is engulfed in warmth and the therapist can massage more deeply, allowing the stones to do most of the work, helping to prevent repetitive strain injuries to the hands. The heat from the stones will help to loosen tight muscles and to enhance flexibility. The pressure and placement of the stones makes the person feel grounded and secure.

The radiating heat, into even the deepest of muscles, promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation of the mind. Remedial Hot Stone Massage course

This course is designed for students who are not just interested in following a routine. The advanced techniques learned will enable the student to use the stones as tools in releasing tension, focusing on trigger points and referred pain.

Hot Stone Reflexology course

This course is designed for qualified reflexologists who are interested in taking their clients to the next level of relaxation. The hot stones enhance the treatment, are used to warm up the feet and instead of the thumb walking to save the therapist’s hands.

Advanced Massage Techniques

This one day workshop will concentrate on massage techniques which are not covered in the VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Swedish Body Massage. It will enable the therapist to concentrate on specific areas using a variety of palpation techniques to release tension and help to relieve painful areas.

Thermal Auricular Therapy course

The ancient art of Hopi Ear Candling, also known as Thermal-Auricular Therapy, was originally practiced by Native Americans. This therapy can help alleviate many ear related conditions such as sinusitis, wax build up, migraines, colds, snoring and glue ear making it a very safe and effective treatment for children.

VTCT Level 3 Swedish Massage course

Swedish Body Massage is a holistic treatment to relax the mind and body. The massage movements relax the muscle fibres and have many benefits such as boosting the blood circulation, soothing the central nervous system, improving lymphatic drainage and relieving aches and pains.

VTCT Level 3 certificate in Indian Head Massage

This non- invasive treatment can be given through the clothes or straight on to the skin if the client prefers a massage this way. Indian Head Massage can relieve headaches, sinus problems, shoulder aches and pains.

VTCT Level 3 & 4 Sports Massage

Sports Massage is deeper than a Swedish Massage and focuses on individual muscle groups rather than the whole body. The treatment employs various techniques such as Neuromuscular work, stretching and trigger point therapy. These techniques are useful for clients with particular muscle aches and pains and for athletes wanting to improve their performance in their area of training.

Beauty Therapy Training

Level 2 Award in Depilation

The course comprises of the practical aspects of waxing and learning the correct techniques to a competent standard. You will also study related Health and Safety in a salon. Related theory work is part of this course and home study is essential. Assignments and case studies will also form part of your portfolio.

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in beauty therapy. There are no pre-requisite qualifications for this course however an interest in other people and an ability to communicate with the public is important.

Level 2 certificate in Nail Treatments

In this intensive course, you will be shown all aspects of nail, hand and foot care to be able to offer your clients a professional treatment to a high standard. Manicures and pedicures are very profitable treatments and this is an excellent start to those wishing to progress to advanced qualifications in nail technology.

For more information and prices, please contact Camilla Davies at The Holistic Academy