Hannah Cox

Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage

Hannah studied Sports Therapy BSc at the University of Gloucestershire following her desire to understand how the human body functions and adapts to changes due to alterations in biomechanics.

During her studies and since qualifying she has worked within many local sport teams ranging from crossfit to rugby, as well as private clinics. 

Following on from local amateur teams, she has worked with higher league teams such as Gloucestershire county Ladies/ Girls/Men’s Rugby, Tonga and Samoa International rugby teams, additionally in the 2016-2017 season she completed an internship with Premiership football team AFC Bournemouth. 

Her experience has led her to know how to treat many sporting injuries and everyday irritations, through therapeutic modalities such as soft tissue work, mobilisations and specific rehabilitation exercises.

Her treatments are adapted around the needs of the clients, to cut down injury time and regain strength and confidence in the area it is required in. Whether it be getting back to training or walking your dog, Hannah will formulate an effective treatment plan for yourself.

The treatments she provides are; Sports therapy,  Soft tissue massage (Sports massage), Exercise prescription, K-Tape, Peripheral and Spinal Mobilisation (Maitland's and Mulligan's theory), Acute and chronic injury management.

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