Beccy Page

Ashtanga Yoga classes & 1:1 sessions

Beccy is a Yoga Alliance Registered yoga teacher who trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket with The Yoga People, who studied under the guidance of Larry Schultz, Paul Grilley and Edward Clark.

Her Ashatanga Yoga Class at The Centre is on Tuesday evenings at 6pm. To book please contact Beccy directly on:

07746 240610.

What are Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga practices?

Ashtanga is a dynamic and physical practise, created by K. Pattabhi Jois, which synchronizes breath with movement. Throughout the practice, internal heat is created which purifies the body, so be prepared to sweat! It is a great practice for building core strength, toning the body, improving flexibility and connecting the mind with the body. 

Rocket Yoga is a fun and dynamic practice created by Larry Schultz. Created in the 1980s and rooted in Ashtanga, it is a playful and energetic practice which encourages practitioners to keep a smooth rhythm of movement and breath. The Rocket sequence leaves you feeling lighter, stronger and more flexible thanks to the core strengtheners, backbends, hip openers and twists

With a focus on energetics rather than traditional alignment, all students are able to access the target areas of an asana to gain maximum benefits. This in turn empowers each student to explore and discover their own body. Beccy recognises and appreciates that all bodies are different and her teaching reflects this. In order to ensure all students receive the greatest benefits, Beccy will adjust, instruct and offer alternatives to allow students to develop their practise.