Swedish Massage

What is Swedish Massage and how can it help me?

Swedish Massage is a hands on treatment that uses a combination of long sweeping strokes, kneading and pummelling, and chopping and friction type movements to help ease painful muscles and create a deep sense of relaxation. The therapist will use oil during the treatment, which can help improveperson having a Massage the appearance of the skin. During the massage, only the area being treated will be exposed and you will be covered with large towels to ensure that your modesty is protected at all times.

People often have Swedish Massage to support them with the following conditions:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Tension and pain in the neck and shoulders
  • Muscular aches and pains
  • Tension headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Lymphatic drainage

Practitioner - Carolyn Coombs

Costs - standard massage

back neck and shoulders
30 minute appointment
£ 25
full body
60 minute appointment
£ 45
full body plus face and scalp
75 minute appointment
£ 55

Want to buy this as a present for someone? You can now buy a gift vouchers online, as well as on the phone, or in The Centre.

Costs* - Organic Heaven Massages

*The massage on this page is available as part of our Organic Heaven Massages range. All Organic Heaven Massages use organic oils, and come with an organic drink of your choice and a gift from the range of Botanicals products we stock. Prices below.

Dreamy Organic Massage

45mins – Organic drink, Hand Massage, Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage, or Indian Head Massage, Botanicals gift. 


Heavenly Organic Massage

75mins – Organic Drink, Hand Massage, Whole Body Massage, Botanicals gift.


Ultimate Organic Massage

90mins – Organic drink, Hand Massage, Whole Body Massage, Facial Massage, Botanicals gift.


Want to buy a present for someone? You can now buy a gift vouchers online, as well as on the phone, or in The Centre.

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