Organic Heaven Massages

Take a trip with us to the ultimate relaxing Organic massages in Salisbury

Your journey starts here...

Step 1: Arrive in good time so you can relax in your treatment room to calming music, enjoy a drink, choosing from our range of Organic drinks. Whilst you enjoy your drink, have a hand massage, using one of our range of Botanicals Organic hand balms.

Step 2: Choose your oil from our range of ‘Botanicals’ Organic massage oils.

Muscle ease
A soothing and warming infusion of sandalwood, black pepper and frankincense, specially blended to help relieve sore muscles and soothe aching joints.

Deep peace
Botanicals aromatic blend of soothing lavender, rose geranium, sandalwood and marjoram, promotes deep relaxation, whilst enriching the skin with essential nutrients.

The exotic infusion of neroli, patchouli, ylang ylang and bergamot is a sensual indulgence for body, mind and spirit. Botanicals aromatic oil will help restore natural moisture balance and promote healthy glowing skin, whilst enveloping the body in an exotic aroma of precious essential oils.

Envelope your body a delicate floral fragrance, whilst allowing the skin-nourishing properties of rosehip, jojoba and apricot to deeply condition your skin. Our specially blended body oil is enhanced with green tea extract - selected for its powerful anti-oxidant properties.

Wake up your body and stimulate your skin with an invigorating massage oil that smells delicious! Our refreshing and invigorating infusion of lemongrass and mandarin, will help tone and enhance the texture of your skin.

Spa Detox
A luxurious treatment oil made from organic botanical seed oils, with a unique blend of ‘detoxifying’ essential oils to stimulate circulation, encourage the elimination of toxins, help strengthen capillary walls and discourage fluid retention.

Un-Fragranced (apricot and jojoba oil)
Botanicals blend of organic apricot, jojoba and sunflower seed oils is perfect for body massage. It promotes relaxation and the elimination of toxins, whilst enriching the skin with essential nutrients.

Step 3: Relax, unwind and de-stress with either a Hot Stone with un-fragranced oil only, or a Swedish, or Indian Head Massage using the oil of your choice.

Step 4: Take away a gift from the Botanicals 'balms' range of products we stock.

Step 5: Don’t forget to book in your next appointment.

Options & Prices

Dreamy Organic Massage

45mins – Organic Drink, Hand Massage, Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage, or Indian Head Massage, Botanicals gift. 


Heavenly Organic Massage

75mins – Organic Drink, Hand Massage, Whole Body Massage, Botanicals gift.


Ultimate Organic Massage

90mins – Organic Drink, Hand Massage, Whole Body Massage, Facial Massage, Botanicals gift.


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Practitioner: Carolyn Coombs

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