Our latest news on COVID-19

Important update (06.11.20) We are open!

Wiltshire Council have agreed that PSA registered practitioners (of which most of us are) can continue to work during lockdown. At the moment you can book for Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupuncture and Shiatsu. There may be more therapies to follow, so please contact us for more information.


The image shows our reception - ready for reopening. Looks pretty similar to before!

Things you need to know when coming to the centre for an appointment

As with all other businesses there will be some changes, we've listed some of them below for you:

  • Before you arrive you will have to complete a declaration and consent form
  • Apologies if you are in a clinically 'very' vulnerable group, or living with someone in that group, we cannot see you
  • Unless required for advocacy, or guardianship please do not bring guests with you to the centre
  • A practitioner may ask to take your temperature upon arrival, if you have a fever the session will need to be rescheduled
  • Please travel light, if possible leave any extra baggage at home
  • Upon arrival you will have to use our hand sanitiser, and put on a complementary disposable face mask
  • We're not allowed to offer you refreshments, please bring your own water bottle
  • Where possible please pre-pay, or use contactless payment. We can take cash but it complicates things!
  • Our toilets are available to use but we have to clean them after each use, so please bear this in mind

How else are you being Covid-Secure?

Along with the measures mentioned above we have done the following:

  • Completed a thorough risk assessment and implemented changes where necessary including but not limited to;
  • Staggering appointment times across our 3 rooms
  • Rationed the different lengths of appointment available, to allow for staggered appointments
  • Reduced the amount of staff on site (as much as is practical)
  • Only allowing 1 client in reception at a time and cleaning it after every visitor
  • We will minimise the contact you have with door handles and other potential frequent touch surfaces
  • Treatment rooms will be cleaned after every appointment
  • Towels used in appointments will only be used for your session before being removed and washed
  • Pillowcases will be replaced after every appointment
  • Your practitioner will be wearing a face covering (and for massage a plastic disposable apron)
  • The wider premises will be cleaned and mopped at the end of each day

You can also view our risk assessment and copies of our covid procedures here.

I have a gift voucher that expired during lockdown, what can I do?

We will continue to honour all vouchers, even if they expired during the lockdown period.

Do I really need to wear a face covering / mask?

Yes, they do not stop you getting the virus but they do stop you giving it to someone. As we are unable to be socially distant, it is a key infection control measure. Both you and your practitioner must wear them. If you refuse to wear a mask we cannot do the appointment. 


This information is accurate at time of publishing: 10:40 on 01.11.2020

Call us now on 01722 340364 to book an appointment, or for a free no obligation chat.  Or alternatively email us at enquiries@therapy-centre.co.uk. For certain therapies you can now also book online.