New Year, New You?

January is traditionally a time for setting goals, or resolutions for the forthcoming year.  Setting these targets is a good exercise to do and by implementing changes it helps us to learn about ourselves, as well as grow as people.  However, more often than not these grand ideas get lost, dropped, or forgotten about during the year.  So how can you make your New Year's resolutions stick?

Why not read our Top 5 Tips for a successful 2017 to find out.

Top 5 Tips for a successful 2017 

1. Make the changes sustainable

a board showing New Year's resolutionsYou wouldn't go from being a non-runner to completing a marathon in a month (or at least I hope you wouldn't) and if you tried there's a high probability you'd fail.  So don't do the same with your New Year's resolutions.  If you want to make a change implement it gradually so it doesn't feel like such a burden.  Rather than cutting something out completely, try reducing the days on which you do consume / do something.  However, be careful not to increase consumption on your 'normal' days.  There's a temptation to reward yourself for periods abstinence and over-indulge when you can.

2. Make a plan for the whole year...Failing to plan is planning to fail

This follows on from the point above.  If you're serious about losing weight, exercising more, working less, or whatever your goal may be; then make a plan for the year.  It is quite possible that you won't be able to instantly change everything (or indeed anything).  Putting a year long plan in place will help it to feel less daunting, as well as breaking the task down into manageable pieces.

3. Use expert help when you need it

If you get stuck and are struggling with something, then find an expert who can help you, rather than giving up on things because they're too difficult.

4. Don't worry if not everything goes to plan

There are only perfect intentions, never perfect plans.  Even achieving half of what you set out to do over the year is still 50% more than if you'd never tried or gave up. Sometimes you'll have the odd occasion where things won't be going as well as you'd hoped, but don't worry as long as you're making progress you're doing okay. 

5. Don't be dogmatic, be flexible instead

And finally...Be prepared to change and adapt your approach and your goals.  If you find you've already achieved everything you set out to do then replan and refocus. The same applies if you're grand plan isn't working; step back, re-evaluate, and if necessary get some advice.  A small change may make all the difference.


Author: James Barnett

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