Winter skin

Has your skin been playing you up in this awful weather we've been having?

Carolyn Coombs, our specialist in relaxation treatments, has had many clients suffering dry or sore skin this winter. In this article she helps you identify which skin condition you are experiencing and gives advice on how to treat it.

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How to stay hydrated

In warm weather it's important to stay hydrated by drinking more water right? Actually it's not that simple, especially if you're exercising. Let's dive into looking at electrolytes, fluid balance and more...

Right now it sounds pretty complicated, but let's start with a simple trick to help you stay hydrated day-to-day...  

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What are 'toxins', and how does the body deal with them?


Due to the tragic event in Salisbury recently, there has been a lot of talk about poisons, toxins and the ongoing potential risk to the wider public.

In the context of the seriousness of chemical weapons, this is a valid and much needed debate.  However, this is turn got me thinking about the health and wellness industry and how it plays on people's fears about different 'toxins', how we should 'detox' and the most common line I've heard over the years in a massage setting...

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man with low back pain

What is pain?

This may sound like a fairly straightforward question, however, when you think about it pain can actually mean a wide range of things. This also differs from person to person.  In fact, I find for some of my clients, my assessment of their posture, gait, or restricted range of movement of a specific joint can actually give them validation for them feeling pain; which I find odd.  It's almost like they don't believe what their bodies are telling them. I've lost count of the times I hear something along the lines of 'Great, so I'm not making it up then?'

Perhaps this response is born out of the British 'stiff upper lip' culture of keeping quiet, carrying on and not making a fuss.  Whatever the reason, we could all do with understanding and listening to our bodies more. In this blog I'll give you a list of 10 points, to try and help explain (and therefore understand) pain.

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